Jump into the bandwagon

OpenStack® is an open and scalable operating system for building public and private clouds. It provides both large and small organizations an alternative to closed cloud environments.

Data Center

Our Data Center facilities deliver top tier network connectivity, business and enterprise services, physical and logical security and technical expertise available to support your business operation and safeguard your data.

Cloud Computing

We offer Cloud and Virtualization Services which support high volume production workloads across network, disk, CPU, and bandwidth. Without oversubscribed RAM or processor and backed by an all 10-Gigabit network, this reliable infrastructure outperforms peer providers.

Take control of your Cloud

With your own Private Cloud, you dictate the terms. Build it all at once or piecemeal, based on your business needs and priorities.

Upgrade your datacenter

Your Private Cloud can be installed in your existing datacenter, and leverage all your essential business infrastructure.

Enjoy great support

We help you design and build your own Private Cloud and IaaS solution, uniquely tailored to the needs of your enterprise.

High Performance

Your Private Cloud can run directly on the “bare metal” taking full advantage of today’s screaming fast server hardware.

Truly Open

OpenStack lets you take full control of your own cloud, preventing vendor lock-in from virtualisation providers and hardware manufacturers.


OpenStack eliminates perpetual licensing costs while minimising the complexity of cloud management, empowering scaling-out.